Preliminary Application for Housing or Rental Assistance

Our Section 8 Waiting List closed on December 15, 2023. We are currently still accepting
applications for our RAD PBV properties (Willowbrook, Beech Court, Brookside and Walloomsac).

All applicants must complete the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION FOR HOUSING OR RENTAL ASSISTANCE for either BHA’s Affordable Rental Properties or the Section 8 Tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher program.  You may apply for both at the same time.

Eligibility is determined in accordance with Section 8 program requirements and, for the properties, BHA selection tenant selection criteria.

Because of limited vacancies and funding, our housing developments and programs have waiting lists.  

The length of waiting lists and the time before assistance can be provided varies by property type and program.  

As a general rule, applications are considered in the order they are received.  A residency preference is given households living in BHA’s area of operation.   At times, in order to meet income targeting requirements, BHA may choose only applicants within a certain income range. Additional information regarding waiting lists, income targeting and the residency preference will be provided upon request.

The BHA application process has two steps:

  1. This Preliminary Application is used to determine initial program eligibility and to place you on the appropriate waiting lists.
  2. When your name comes up on a waiting list, you will be asked to complete a Final Application, which gives us updated and more complete information. This information is used to determine final program eligibility, suitability and to calculate your portion of the rent.  When you complete the Final Application, you will also be required to verify your citizenship status, sign a HUD consent form for Release of Information, a BHA release form for collection of information and a Consent for the Release of Criminal Record Information.


The Preliminary Application

Race and Ethnicity Data Reporting Form

Copies of Social Security cards for all family members

HUD Form 9886

HUD Form 52675

HUD Form 92006


Interim Recertification Application for RAD/PBV or Section 8 Rental Assistance

Recertification Application for Continued Section 8 Rental Assistance

Final Application for Section 8 Rental Assistance

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