SAHS (Support and Services at Home)

What is SASH?

SASH coordinates the resources of social-service agencies, community health providers and nonprofit housing organizations to support Vermonters who choose to live independently at home. Individualized, on-site support is provided by a Wellness Nurse and a SASH Care Coordinator.

The Bennington County SASH program is provided by Shires Housing.  SASH Coordinators are available to work with residents at Brookside and Walloomsac Apartments.

Whom does SASH serve?

SASH serves older adults as well as people with special needs who receive Medicare support. SASH touches the lives of approximately 5,000 people throughout Vermont.

Benefits to SASH Participants

  • Improved quality of life
  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessments
  • Individualized Healthy Living Plans
  • Money savings through preventive health care
  • Regular check-ins by caring staff
  • Health coaching and access to wellness nurses
  • Help in planning for successful transitions (e.g., following hospitalization), navigating long-term care options and during a crisis
  • Access to prevention and wellness programs
  • Support in self-managing medications

For more information about the Bennington SASH program, go to:

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